Le Creuset Cuisines of the World Cast Iron 24cm Balti Dish Satin Black

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Cuisines of the World is a new collection of products developed by Le Creuset that pays tribute to some of the most inspiring and exhilarating cuisines from around the world, comprising of a Cast Iron Indian Balti dish, Chinese Wok, Spanish Paella pan, Mexican oval sizzle platter and a Moroccan tagine. The Cast Iron products are complemented by two fantastic new stoneware shapes – a tapas dish and a lidded condiment pot with spoon. The exciting new shapes are synonymous with these cuisines and will enable you to experiment, create and serve the most flavoursome and inspired dishes right in your own home.

New from Le Creuset's World Cuisine, this cast iron Balti dish is a round heavy cast iron dish with two handles.

24cm (4/5 portions approx)

Suitable for all heat sources

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